Kitty City is dedicated to the rescue of cats that have been abandoned, neglected or abused. Kitty City’s rescued cats receive medical care, shelter and love until a forever home is found for them.


Our vision is that every cat will have a home!


Our 5 year goal is to help change our community to a no-kill community through aggressive return to field programs, TNR programs, adoption events, and by working with our local shelters and rescues.

Since 1993


Not quite, but we are on that journey, we can see our destination, but we still need a little help from our friends. We believe that with the help of volunteers, fosters, and donors, we can make a huge impact … a bold 5 year goal to change our cat community forever!

Kitty City NM has always been a no-kill rescue shelter for cats.  We believe that our community shelters can also be no-kill. In order to be considered being "no-kill", a shelter must have a 90% or better live exit rate.  By working alongside our community leaders, animal control agencies, and implementing a community cat program we can correct our collective failure to value and protect the lives of homeless pets — lives that matter.

It is time to stop living in the past and move into the 21st century with programs that actually work to create a stable and healthy cat community.  Time to implement programs such as RTF (return to field), TNR (trap/neuter.release) that have been proven to stabilize cat populations.

At Kitty City we will continue our journey and press towards our goal because we love cats and care about our community. Do you?