Kitty City Wish List


Your in-kind donation of supplies and food for our shelter are greatly appreciated. Donations may be dropped off at the shelter during regular hours or at Classy Cats Thrift Store 921 New York Ave(let them know the donation is to go to kitty city).


Cat /Kitten Food

For the health of our cats we are trying to get away from any cat or kitten food that has “meat-by-products”  corn or wheat. If you would like to donate food for the kitty’s please choose a brand free of these:

·Taste of the wild wet or dry

·Wellness wet or dry

·         4Health dry indoor (tractor supply stores)

·         Heart’s brand kitten milk

·Powdered Goats Milk (Natures Pantry)

·Kitten Bottles (Petsense or Walmart)

Care and Cleaning Supplies

·Clorox bleach


·Trash bags (all sizes)

·Disposable exam gloves – medium and large size

·Playtex gloves – medium, large and extra large size

·Paper towels

·Small dustpans with small brushes




·Fabric Softener or dryer sheets

·Laundry Detergent

·microfiber mop heads

Bedding and Things for the Cats

·Old towels in good condition
(no sheets, blankets, or pillow cases please)

·Break-a-Way cat collars size 8”- 12”

·Medium covered kitty litter boxes

·Small open kitty litter pans

·Wood pellets for litter (pine only no oak) (Home Depot, Lowe’s, Stove and Spa Store)

·Cat toys especially feather wands

·Free standing scratching posts

·Cat brushes

·Large Bistro auto water dispensers (Walmart)

Office and Shelter Supplies

·Postage Stamps ($0.44 & $0.28)

·Antibacterial hand soap

·       Hand Sanitizer

·Toilet paper

·8 1/2 x 11 manila file folders

·Binders all sizes

·8 1/2 x 11 lined tablets

·Pencils and pens

·White, pink, blue & yellow all purpose printer paper


·PetSense gift cards

·Wal-Mart/Sam’s gift cards

·Staples Gift Cards

·Diesel card (for Kitty City Stagecoach)




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