The New Kitty City

10242012frontside.gifKitty City has not only broken ground on our new facility we have finished the building shell and will start the interior framing the inside of the building in the next few weeks. The new Kitty City NM, once it is completed, will house 48-50 adult cats in 5 separate enclosures. Each cat enclosure will have

indoor and outdoor access. The outside enclosures will be safe from predators and allow our cats to enjoy playing or napping outdoors when the weather permits. There will be a nice size room for our kitten nursery and playrooms for the older kittens! We have set aside one third of our new 3200 sq. ft. facility for a spay/neuter clinic and vaccination clinic. Our vet will be working one day per month in our clinic. Other vets that have shown an interest in helping out by providing spay/neuter clinics or shot clinics. Besides having vet care for the Kitty City cats, the vet clinic will help save more lives by reducing overpopulation with spay/neuter clinics and also helping low income families that are not able to afford the full cost of spaying or neutering their cat. The entrance and reception area will be our gift shop with pet toys and souvenirsand a place to spotlight a few adoptable cats! We believe this facility is one step forward in our lifelong commitment to helping animals who have no hope ... either rescued stray on the streets ... or in a cage at a kill shelter with time running out. This facility will not only provide a better place for adopters to view our adoptable pets, it will be safer and more comfortable for the cats. Opening the new facility will allow us to use our existing facility for our FIV and Leukemia cats.

We would like to thank everyone who has donated to Kitty City to make this dream a reality! So far we have approximately 38% of the estimated funds needed to complete the new facility. We estimate the facility to cost approximately $120,000.00, so we still have a long way to go! If you would like to help out with the new facility go to"ways to give"to make an online donation. We have the man power to make this happen but desperately need help with funding. Together we can finish the facility and all be a part of saving more lives! Kitty City and you ... nobody loves them better!