July 2012 Kitty City was chosen by some of our volunteers that work at Holloman Air Force Base to be their charity in the Holloman’s Big Give competition. This year was the fifth year of the Holloman’s Big Give Competition which was originally

inspired by the show Extreme Home Makeover and Oprah’s Big Give.

Both small teams and large teams competed. Team Kitty City competed as a large team with 10 team members, headed up by Jennifer Pemp and Twyla Hayes.

The first weekend of projects that the team accomplished included repainting parts of the existing cattery where paint was beginning to peel, pruning the brush that was covering the Kitty City sign at the turn onto our street and replacing the carpeting on the shelves in kitty city where the kitty’s nap.

The second weekend team Kitty City held a 50/50 raffle, a bake sale, a dog wash, and had an adoption event for the cats at Petsense in Alamogordo. This weekend the team had 4 adoptions and netted $650 in donations for Kitty City.

The third weekend the team had an adoption event at the White Sands Mall. The team raised $300 in donations and raffle tickets. Although there were no adoptions at the Mall, two families came to Kitty City after the event to adopt kittens that they had seen at the adoption event.

The third weekend the team had a rummage sale in the parking lot of the White Sands Mall. The event ran from 6:30 until 12:00 and we raised $850 at the sale for Kitty City.

Big Give 2012 ended August 11th at the Holloman AFB EClub after Party. The party was so awesome because all the teams had set up tables and we were all able to see what the other teams had accomplished. There were 10 teams in the large team category and 5 teams in the small team category. Although team Kitty City did not win a monetary prize in the competition they won our hearts and the hearts of all the cats at Kitty City. They did much needed work on the cattery and they raised a lot of money that will help to keep Kitty City operating!

Jennifer worked very hard to put together a very nice video of Team Kitty City for the judging. Thanks to Jennifer we feel our team had the best video, and from what I was told at the after party by one of the judges that the video was so emotional that one judge had to leave the room for a while after the video was played.

Team Kitty City has hearts bigger than the state of NM, they have a passion for saving animals lives, cats, dogs, any animal. Their enthusiasm got jobs done for Kitty City that would have taken us lots of time and money to do. They are people of extraordinary stature that gave their love and care to those without a voice (abandoned rescued kitty’s). Their hard work and selfless volunteer time has made this corner of the world a better place.

Kitty City and Holloman’s Big Give Team Kitty City ... nobody loves them better!