Donations To Kitty City NM

It was brought to my attention this week that our auto donate button was not working correct. And after checking out the button and trying to set up an automatic donation I found that we indeed had an issue with the buttons.

After spending the day on the phone with Paypal I found out that the one time donation button will work using a credit card without having a Paypal account but due to new federal laws to protect your privacy you can not set up an automatic payment without a Paypal account. 

So we deleted all of our old donation buttons that were created years back and now we have all new shiny donation buttons for everyone to use that are safe and secure. If you already have or want to set up a Paypal account to make the automatic payments it is an  easy way to support the cats and kittens here at Kitty City. We do appreciate all the help we can get as we operate now solely on donations only. 

If you have tried in the past to set up an automatic payment and had trouble getting it to work, we are very sorry we did not know their was any issues so please try again as we have the donate buttons working correct.