Kitty City's New Adoption Center


     The new Kitty City adoption center is now completed and open to the public to visit. After many delays the building has now passed all inspections by the state of NM for the construction permits that were pulled. We had several contractors that were very generous to help us out. We would like to thank

Larry Josylin Contractors, Bruce Coble Contractors, Macias Heating and cooling, and Bo Johnson Plumbing for all the hard work that they have done to make this project possible. We also had Big Give teams two years in a row that came out and really worked hard on drywall, painting, insulation and tile work. A special thanks goes to Gene Davis, owner of Patriot Electric. He came out each weekend after working for the City of Alamogordo all week long and did all of the electrical work at no charge. What a hard worker! From all of us here at Kitty City ... thank you all for giving the rescued cats such a nice place to live while they await for their forever home!

     The facility is designed to house approximately 50 to 55 adult cats comfortably. We feel that each cat needs at least 15 to 20 sq. ft. of floor space. Most of the rooms are sized to allow 5 to 8 cats. Because cats may need to spend more than a week or two at Kitty City to be adopted, we decided that life in cages just would not be good for the cats. Our goal was to make a facility where the cats can live that is like home. Where they can roam, without being overcrowded. Where they can interact with their potential adopters. Where they live a healthy life, fed nutritious good quality food, and have lots of interaction with volunteers and the public.

     Part of the adoption center will be used by a veterinarian to care for and spay/neuter Kitty City cats. This will save us from stressing cats with travel to and from vets. It will also save the rescue donated funds that can be used for rescuing more animals. We are excited about what we have built for our cats. Adopting the purrfect cat has never been easier than it is right now at Kitty City! Come out for a visit and meet our mascot Banjo and our newest rescues!

     If you have ever thought of volunteering this is a great opportunity to support your community and help your local cat rescue save lives! Kitty City is always in need of more volunteers. We have a great team right now but more hands only means that we can get the work done sooner, and spend more time holding and petting the kittys! Click on the photos below for an enlarged view of each area of Kitty City. In some of the photos you will see the vet area and intake holding area cages. These cages are not where our residents live, they are used when we take in new animals and they are awaiting vet work or they are being treated if they are not feeling well. Each new cat that arrives spends a short time in quarantine and gets checked by the vet so we know they are healthy enough to be allowed into the population with the other kittys.