New Intake Surrender Policy

We have been in need of an intake policy ever since we started the rescue over 7 years ago.  Seems like we have been so busy with everything else the intake policy just got pushed to the side.  This summer we have created an intake policy that will explain exactly how

we take in cats from the public.  Most people that call or bring cats to kitty city NM understand how rescue shelters work … but … many people over the years have had the idea that Kitty City takes in ALL cats brought in just as a city or county animal control shelter would. We have also had several of the same families bring in kittens twice and some three times. These families refuse to get their animals spayed even though we have a local low costs spay and neuter clinic.  We would love to have the funds, facility, and manpower to take in every cat but unfortunately we operate on donations, have a moderate facility, and count on volunteers to keep operations going. We feel our policy is a fair way to handle requests for intake of cats, and will allow us to keep better track of who brings in cats and it will create a waiting list for those who meet the requirements of the policy.  Once we receive an application for intake it will be reviewed and if accepted the cat(s) or kitten(s) will go on our waiting list. As we adopt out cats and make room then we can take in cats from our waiting list as we have room.  Any person that is accepted will either get an email or phone confirmation that their cat is on our waiting list. Once this happens those on the list MUST call us or email us every two weeks to stay active on the waiting list.  Those who do not check in will be dropped from the waiting list being replaced by those who do.  We have already had calls saying it is hard to find the intake information on our website. Our policy and the application are under the HOME tab on our website(see photo). You can fill out an online application and it will email directly to us, or you can stop by in person and pick up an application at Kitty City NM. Information on surrendering you cat can be found under the home page tab of the Kitty City website.