Kitten Season 2013



Kitten Season 2013 has started early for Kitty City this year. So far we have taken in five Mama cats nursing large litters, and two that are expecting kittens any time.  In the past it has been late April before we were seeing kittens. We try to take in all the pregnant cats and

cats that have just had litters at Animal Control to prevent the kittens and their mom from being euthanized. Animal Control does their best to keep animals as long as they can to give them all a fair chance to be adopted but they do not keep new born kittens or their mom for the eight weeks needed in order for the kittens to be old enough to adopt. Often volunteers will foster kittens for our Animal Control until the kittens are old enough to adopt then take them back to Animal Control so they will have their chance to be adopted.  July 2012 we had fifty three kittens. We are up to twenty four today, but could be over thirty kittens when the two expecting mamas have their litters.

We will be better prepared to handle kittens and nursing mama cats in our new facility. We had hoped that we would have it ready by kitten season this year but I looks like it will be ready later this summer.  We did not take in near as many adult cats from January first until now because we knew that we were going to have a rough kitten season again.  This will probably be the pattern for years to come until there are stricter laws on spaying and neutering pets.  Many times people are given a cat and do not spay or neuter their pet only to have it slip out of their home once it is in heat. Then the pregnant cat becomes someone else’s problem. The folks who wind up with the stray cat and her kittens usually are not prepared and are not able to keep them even long enough to find homes for them so they either call us to see if there is room or take them to Animal Control. Often when the kittens are old enough to become mobile the wander away from Mom and someone will “find a lost abandoned single kitten”.  Thinking that the kitten has been abandoned by its Mom the person will bring the kitten to a rescue or to Animal Control, not knowing the kittens Mom is close by with the rest of the litter.

Because of the New Mexico state law requiring us to obtain a spay neuter deposit and contract, we have changed our adoption policy on kittens. To adopt a Kitty City kitten the donation is $25. The spay neuter deposit is $50. The total cost at the time of adoption is $75. Once the adopted kitten reaches six months of age, the adopter has their kitten spayed or neutered and shows us proof we refund the $50 deposit. If adopters choose to use our vet for the spay or neuter we will use their deposit to pay our vet for the surgery. If adopters choose this method we also provide at no cost micro chipping of their cat. 

Adopters try very hard to make adopted cats work with their family but occasionally an adoption just does not work out. We understand that and we would never want a cat to stay in a home where it was just not working out. We want our adopters to be happy and love their new adopted cat. If an adopted cat is returned to Kitty City within the first 24 hours of adoption the entire adoption donation is refunded. For kittens the adoption donation and spay neuter deposit is returned. After 24 hours the adoption donation of $25 for a kitten and the $45 adoption donation for an adult cat is not refunded. We feel this will prevent adopters from keeping a highly adoptable kitten for several months until it is almost grown and more difficult to adopt only to return it because they “changed their minds about adopting”.

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