Must Love Cats!



Kitty City will be shown in the "South" episode airing 3/12/2011 Must Love Cats' John Fulton Sings a Song of Catnip Must Purr Along with the Chorus As promised, the delightful John Fulton, host of upcoming Animal Planet series "Must Love Cats," offers Cat Scratchings followers a preview of this new cat-tastic program, beginning Saturday Feb. 12. Check out the mustlovecatsfanpage. Visit the Must Love Cats Facebook Page too, and join the thousands of others eagerly

anticipating its premiere. The show spotlights some pretty cool kinda of totally-cat venues. Can you give us a hint about what we'll be seeing? We traveled for about 100 days, visiting so many amazing places. You'll be seeing cats do things you never thought were possible. You'll see a cat that steals towels, one that takes photos, another that guards the Alamo. You'll visit kitty-litter labs, and even drink cat-poo coffee (EWWWWW, we'll stick to tea!). Each episode has so many neat things about cats. And the series really shows America's devotion to this fantastic animal. John, tell us a little about yourself and how you came to host "Must Love Cats. I was born in a small town north of Boston, studied music at the University of Rhode Island, and have lived in L.A. for 10 years now. I play in a comedy band called The Fresh, and love to find rare jazz albums. I came to host "Must Love Cats" when I was spotted playing guitar on a friend's audition reel. I got incredibly lucky! What is it about cats that prompts you to compose and sing songs about them? In the history of music, cats haven't really starred in any Top 10 hits now playing on everybody's iPods Well, let's hope that changes! Going into the show, I thought I would write maybe a couple of songs---but it ended up being more than 35 songs, because each cat and each situation was so inspiring. But what really inspired me was the connection between the cat and the owner. A lot of times, I would meet both of them, then go write the song to make it an organic process. In some situations, the owner played guitar, or other instruments, so we could play the song together, and that was special. Check out a sneak peek of "Must Love Cats," and sing a little kitty dittie. Animal Planet viewers are going to get a sneak preview of your kitty musicality, on an incredibly popular event just over a week away. Please talk a little about what it's like to be a Cat Guy appearing on Puppy Bowl. The people at Animal Planet are great to work with. Even though Puppy Bowl is a huge shoot, a big production, they made me feel very comfortable. I was surprised and happy they liked the song I did for this, because it was the first time I had done something like that. I'm honored to be part of it, and can't wait to see the 'game.' The cats and dogs appearing in it were beyond adorable, if that's possible. I wanted to take all of them home. With your travels for "Must Love Cats" finished for this season, you've added two cats to your own home. Please tell us a little about them, and whether they've inspired songs of their own Having Billy and Betty has really been a learning adventure. They're rescued cats, so they are quite shy, but it's very rewarding to see them open up more each day. Having two cats now has helped me understand how special these animals are. And being a cat owner has been a great ride. It doesn't hurt that Betty and Billy are super cute! John, we'll be checking in with you again about the fun episodes of "Must Love Cats," set to debut on Feb. 12. Feline fans, are you gathered around the flat-screen?