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Fostering is a method of caring for adoptable animals that have special needs or need some time away from the shelter. It is also a method of providing hospice care for cats who have been deemed un-adoptable. The purpose of this document is to establish a standard in providing temporary care for these adoptable animals.


Kitty City Foster Cat Program provides temporary care for adoptable cats

with special needs and cats that need some time away from the shelter. The program

will also assist in finding homes for cats with serious health conditions that have been

deemed un-adoptable, i.e., hospice care environment. Cats are fostered with screened

and trained volunteers who can offer the animals a temporary home. The goal of the

foster program is to ultimately find a permanent home for the animal. The Foster

Coordinator shall be responsible for carrying out the Foster Cat Program.

Foster Caregiver Responsibilities:

     · Foster caregiver will provide a clean, safe home environment in which to care for

       the foster cat.

     · If the foster caregiver plans to be away from home for an extended period of time, the                    

       foster caregiver should notify Kitty City as soon as possible. Kitty City will attempt                

       to work with the foster caregiver to come up with a cat care

        solution for the duration of the absence.

Foster caregivers should have the ability to:

     · Keep foster cats separate from their own animals (mandatory for the first

       10-14 days minimum)

     · Administer medications, when necessary

     · Make a commitment

     · Accept the possibility of damage to their homes, such as stains on carpet

     · Understand that some foster animals will not survive

     · Allow Kitty City’s adoption counselors to make placement decisions

       for the animals. Should the foster caregiver locate a suitable adoptive

       family, the prospective adoptive family must submit a completed Adoption

       Application to Kitty City.

     · Let go when it is time for the cat to go to his or her permanent home

     · All cats fostered must be kept indoors at all times to prevent injury and the

       spread of disease. If a foster caregiver rents, proof must be provided that cats

       are permitted in their residence.

       Kitty City Foster Program Policy

     · Foster caregivers are expected to utilize the veterinarian at Kitty City when

       possible or to take the cat to the appropriate veterinarian when requested by

       Kitty City.

     · Should the foster caregiver’s personal pets contract any illness from the foster

       cat, those medical expenses will be the responsibility of the foster caregiver.

     · Foster caregivers shall provide Kitty City with additional information

       regarding the foster cat to assist in finding a suitable home for the cat, as well as

       digital photos for use on the foster board at the shelter and on the web site. If

       foster caregiver does not have access to a digital camera, the Foster Care

       Counselor should be granted access to the cat to take pictures when needed.

       Foster caregiver shall also provide their e-mail address so that people who see

       the cat on the website can send basic questions directly to the foster caregiver.

     · Foster caregivers shall permit potential adopters to visit with the foster cat in their

       home if provided with ample notice by Kitty City.

     · Foster caregivers agree not to deliver fostered cats to any other person, unless

       so directed by Kitty City. If foster caregivers are no longer able to care for a

       cat, they must return the cat to Kitty City.

Kitty City Responsibilities:

Kitty City is responsible for determining which animals are available for the Foster

Cat Program. Kitty City will provide the following:

     · All health care required by the foster cat, including any medications

     · Food, litter, litter boxes, food dishes, bedding, and any other supplies required to

       sufficiently care for the cat

     · Kitty City

       Staff will continue to guide the foster caregiver through the process and will

       provide educational resources for foster caregivers to use in caring for the foster


     · Kitty City will continue to search for potential adopters for the foster cats in

       their care through a variety of resources including a foster board at the shelter

       and foster listings on the web site.

Foster Agreement and Requirements:

Potential foster caregivers will complete a foster caregiver application form and

complete an interview with a Foster Care Counselor in which this policy will be fully


At the time of fostering, foster caregivers will sign a written Foster Home Agreement for

each cat or litter. The Foster Home Agreement will be signed by the foster caregiver

and the Foster Care Counselor.

Adoption of Foster Animals:

Foster caregivers may personally adopt the animal they are fostering. Foster caregivers

will go through Kitty City’s adoption procedures and payment of adoption fees.

Kitty City Foster Program Policy

Potential adopters must fill out Kitty City adoption forms and fulfill adoption criteria.

All adoption fees will be paid to Kitty City.

Foster Period:

The foster period shall be determined at the time of fostering. If the cat requires

additional time in the foster home, as determined by the Shelter Manager and/or Kitty City’s veterinarian, the Foster Coordinator will ask the foster caregiver if they are

willing to continue the foster arrangement.

I have received a copy of this document and read it. I agree to the policies and

procedures outlined above and will abide by them.

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