Keep your kitty safe on Halloween

halloween kitty

Tips for keeping your Fur Babies safe on Halloween. Here are a few to help make the evening less stressful on you and your kitty:

1. Above all else keep your
furbabies INSIDE!

2. Make sure you cat is micro
chipped and has up to date

3. Keep the goodies out of the
reach of Fluffy. Many of
these treats can be toxic to cats.

4. Keep lit pumpkins in a place
where kitty can't get to it.
Their curiosity could get them

5. Create a safe place for Fluffy in
an area away from
the door bell and the screaming
of "Trick or Treat!". Create
some soothing noise for them
(radio/tv/white noise), to
drowned out others.

6. PLEASE don't make your pet
wear a costume unless you
know that they are ok with it
and never let them wear when
you are not around.

7. Be Safe! Happy Halloween.

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