Adoption Of Aspen


Aspen's life began in the most horrible circumstances possible, born into animal hoarding. She is a survivor of the Hondo cat hoarding case several years ago. In a very small travel trailer own by an abusive alcoholic with 134 other cats. How this tiny little kitty survived until

rescued by Kitty City is a miracle. Now 3 yrs old and healthy, she still is less than 5 lbs. (A large portion of which is hair). Aspen is my first adoption from Kitty City at an Adoption Fair in the White Sands Mall one Saturday morning. I had no intentions of adopting another cat. But when I saw Aspen it was love at first sight! Whether it was her first association with a male being abusive or she is just one person's cat, I don't know. But she has never warmed up to me. However, she is my wife's little orange & white shadow! I tell folk the only way they could be closer is if they were Siamese Twins.

This beautiful little kitty has suffered much in her beginning, but now she will be cared for and loved for the rest of her days.

Alan Lochner



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