Adoption Of Tag


Tag a beautiful black and white bi-color Wegie was adopted by Ms. Kirch who is stationed here at H.A.F.B. Ms Kirch came out to volunteer with a friend and was wanting to meet all the cats and see if there might be one here that would pick her for a friend. I had been loading cats on the Stagecoach for an adoption event at the White Sands Mall and

had Tag on the bus. I asked if she had seen him and she had but wanted to take one more look at Tag. I have to admit that I had not seen Tag act quite like he did. I was just a little jealous as I have been fostering Tag at our house and I thought that I was his best friend but he really seemed to like Ms. Kirch, he was rolling over on his back and wanted out of the Stagecoach to see her. Ms. Kirch has another white and grey tabby bicolor Wegie at home so we are both keeping our fingers crossed that her kitty will like Tag!


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