This is the happy tale of Bamboo,
also known as "Boo Bear." However, it was quite a journey to get there. Her new parents were extremely excited to bring her home to their RV, as they travel during part of the year. All was well until the first night, when Boo started climbing the walls and howling, with no interest in being comforted. By sunrise Boo was back to her normal self. Her new "parents" were beside themselves. They tried exercising her during the day and making sure to only feed her during normal daylight hours, to no avail. It was clear that Boo was in distress, but her new adopters did not know why or how to help her. They were very motivated to help Boo adjust, as they loved the sweet kitty they met at the shelter and didn't want to give up on her.  After many more sleepless nights, they contacted our volunteers at Kitty City and a brainstorming session began. One volunteer suggested visiting the vet, as it could be an expression of anxiety after leaving the shelter that Boo had been at for a while. The volunteer had a similar experience and had good luck with a calming supplement recommended by her own vet. Boo's owners took a trip to the vet and, after trying a few solutions, settled on the calming supplement that allowed Boo to adjust to her new environment and ease her anxiety. It took many sleepless nights and trying a couple different treatment options, but after finding something that allowed Boo to calmly adjust, she was happy as a clam, and her owners were too. Boo's story shows that, in some situations, it can take a while for cats to adjust to a new environment, but it is worth it in the end. We thank Boo's adopters for not giving up on her, and we know they are very happy they didn't either!


Tag a beautiful black and white bi-color Norwegian Forest cat was adopted by Ms. Kirch who is stationed here at H.A.F.B. Ms. Kirch came out to volunteer with a friend and was wanting to meet all the cats and see if there might be one here that would pick her for a friend. I had been loading cats on the Stagecoach for an adoption event at the White Sands Mall and had Tag on the bus. I asked if she had seen him and she had but wanted to take one more look at Tag. I have to admit that I had not seen Tag act quite like he did. I was just a little jealous as I have been fostering Tag at our house and I thought that I was his best friend but he really seemed to like Ms. Kirch, he was rolling over on his back and wanted out of the Stagecoach to see her. Ms. Kirch has another white and grey tabby bicolor at home so we are both keeping our fingers crossed that her kitty will like Tag!


Aspen's life began in the most horrible circumstances possible, born into animal hoarding. She is a survivor of the Hondo cat hoarding case several years ago. In a very small travel trailer own by an abusive alcoholic with 134 other cats. How this tiny little kitty survived until rescued by Kitty City is a miracle. Now 3 yrs old and healthy, she still is less than 5 lbs. (A large portion of which is hair). Aspen is my first adoption from Kitty City at an Adoption Fair in the White Sands Mall one Saturday morning. I had no intentions of adopting another cat. But when I saw Aspen it was love at first sight! Whether it was her first association with a male being abusive or she is just one person's cat, I don't know. But she has never warmed up to me. However, she is my wife's little orange & white shadow! I tell folk the only way they could be closer is if they were Siamese Twins. This beautiful little kitty has suffered much in her beginning, but now she will be cared for and loved for the rest of her days.
Alan Lochner


This little kitten Cholla is one of 5 kittens found in the desert south of Alamogordo last Spring, huddled under a grease wood bush. Their momma lay mysteriously dead just a few feet away. Hikers found the kittens (approximately 7 weeks old). All the kittens had infected eyes and were pretty dirty but seemed to have been eating well so the must have just lost their mom shortly before being found. Cholla is the third of five to be adopted. He was so friendly on the Kitty City Stagecoach; Kristen did not want to put him down! I think it was love the moment she first held Cholla and felt him purr!


Rustler is one of 20 cats(19 survivors) that were rescued by Kitty City from horrible conditions in Carizozo NM. Rustler has severe neurological damage and could barely walk when we first met him. We loved Rustler from that first moment he arrived at Kitty City. We fostered Rustler and had him up for adoption for quite some time but would have only adopted him to the right family. December of 2010 my wife and I decided that we would not be able to adopt Rustler that we love him too much and adopted him ourselves. He can walk much better now but still has tough days once in a while. Below is Rustlers video.