The Adoption of Milkyway

This video is was taken about 1 month after Kitty City was built. Most of the cats in the video were rescued from a hoarding in Hondo Valley NM where over 130 cats were rescued. Most of which have either been adopted out, or reside at Kitty City today. Three minutes into the video is Milky Way, a black kitten that came from the hoarding. He was so weak from malnutrition that he could barely hold his head up. I worked with Milky Way for about six weeks getting him nursed back to health and ready for adoption. I actually had Milky Way showcased at PetSense in Alamogordo for about ten days. I visited him several times at PetSense and each time he would see me walk in and start calling me from the save-a-pet center where he was being shown. After about the fifth trip to the store I realized that he seriously wanted me to take him out of there so I could not leave Milky Way there....we adopted him ourselves. He has been the most amazing kitty. You could never tell by looking at him now that he has ever been anything but the healthiest adorable cat! We love Milky Way!


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