Kitty City NM will provide you with any supplies that you may need. However, we greatly appreciate any help that you can provide in supplying items for your foster cat. Here’s what you’ll need to help your foster cat make a smooth transition to living in your home:
At least one bowl for dry food and one for water: Stainless steel or ceramic work best.
A supply of dry cat food: All cats are fed dry food unless a special diet is needed. We use Purina Complete Adult for adult cats and Purina Kitten Chow for kittens up to 1yr and we ask that foster cats be fed a food of that quality or higher quality.
A collar with an ID tag: Even though foster cats are microchipped, they still need an ID tag, in case they escape from your home.
A soft place to sleep: Old towels or blankets work well if you don’t have a cat bed.
Uncovered litter box: Make sure the box is an appropriate size for the cat.
Litter: Please use clumping litter, unless you’re given other instructions.
Scratching posts or trays: Try different types to see which the cat prefers.
Cat treats: Giving treats is a good way to help train and build a positive relationship with your foster cat.
Cat toys: Make sure the toys are durable and safe (without bits that will be harmful if swallowed).
Grooming supplies: A well-groomed cat has a better chance of getting adopted.