How Can I Find A Place To Live That Allows Cats?

I can't find a place to live that allows pets. What can I do?

This is common problem and many Landlords do not understand cats or have had a bad experience in the past with an irresponsible pet owner.  Often because of this they will not allow cats. So what can a person do?

There are many apartments and many rental homes that do allow pets, you may need to start looking sooner and it may take you longer but there are places that will allow pets. Somtimes a move may be sudden with no time to look for the right place but if your move is not an emergency do not wait until the last moment to find a place that allows cats, plan on extra time to search.

You may have to pay a higher lease or deposit payment to be allowed to have a pet. Most insurance companies sell insurance for any damages that pets cause, so offering to purchase insurance may help. You could also offer that the landlord inspect the apartment or home quarterly or bi-annually for any damages. For more ideas and help please visit the following websites:     
You can modify your search for just pet friendly housing on by checking the “Pet Policy” option from the “Advanced” tab at the top of the page.



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