The foster coordinator will work with you to select a foster cat who meets your specific requirements. We will always do our best to match you with a cat who fits with your lifestyle and

When you and the foster coordinator have decided on a foster cat, an appointment will be scheduled so you can pick up the cat and any supplies that you will need. The appointment will Typically be at the Kitty City NM Adoption Center.

The foster coordinator will meet you at the adoption center and introduce you to the cat. Together, you and the foster coordinator will decide if the cat is the right fit for you. If the
foster cat is on medications, the foster coordinator can show you how to administer them. Be honest: If you aren’t comfortable with anything about the animal you may be fostering, please tell the foster coordinator before you take the animal home.

Please note: If for any reason you are unable to keep your foster
cat, please notify the foster coordinator right away. We may not be able to remove the cat immediately because we may not have space for the cat at the adoption center and it may take time to find another foster home, so we ask for your patience and understanding.