Boo Bear

Boo Bear

By: Melissa Olivadoti, Kitty City NM volunteer

This is the happy tale of Bamboo,
also known as “Boo Bear.” However, it was quite a journey to get there. Her new parents were extremely excited to bring her home to their RV, as they travel during part of the year. All was well until the first night, when Boo started climbing the walls and howling, with no interest in being comforted. By sunrise Boo was back to her normal self. Her new “parents” were beside themselves. They tried exercising her during the day and making sure to only feed her during normal daylight hours, to no avail. It was clear that Boo was in distress, but her new adopters did not know why or how to help her. They were very motivated to help Boo adjust, as they loved the sweet kitty they met at the shelter and didn’t want to give up on her.  After many more sleepless nights, they contacted our volunteers at Kitty City and a brainstorming session began. One volunteer suggested visiting the vet, as it could be an expression of anxiety after leaving the shelter that Boo had been at for a while. The volunteer had a similar experience and had good luck with a calming supplement recommended by her own vet. Boo’s owners took a trip to the vet and, after trying a few solutions, settled on the calming supplement that allowed Boo to adjust to her new environment and ease her anxiety. It took many sleepless nights and trying a couple different treatment options, but after finding something that allowed Boo to calmly adjust, she was happy as a clam, and her owners were too. Boo’s story shows that, in some situations, it can take a while for cats to adjust to a new environment, but it is worth it in the end. We thank Boo’s adopters for not giving up on her, and we know they are very happy they didn’t either!

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  1. I just love this happy adoption story. I was there when Melody and Tom visited Kitty City last September to adopt a young cat. I also agonized with them in the beginning when Boo Bear exhibited problems. Melody and Tom persisted, and now they have an extremely affectionate cat who loves to have her shiny fur brushed and is especially bonded to Tom. Boo Bear also gets along nicely with Lil Bit, the calico. This is a truly heartwarming story of a sweet little kitty and a very special couple who refused to give up on her! In December, Melody wrote in an email to me, “We can’t imagine not having her in our lives.”

  2. Barbara, Since I promised to keep you updated on our Boo Bear, I thought I would post a reply where everyone can see it. We haven’t needed to give her the Zylkene for night-time calming after she settled in, BUT —Boo continues to be a high energy cat . Although that can be challenging in an RV, we have found some ways to keep her from getting bored.
    She loves cat treats, and she loves to chase things. so I literally throw her a treat from the front of the RV to the back, so that she has to run it down. Then I go to the back and throw the next treat to the front. It’s good exercise for both of us! We put a bird feeder up outside the back window, so that she has entertainment. Boo also likes to watch animal programs on TV, especially of cats, dogs , and birds. She is a stand-up scratcher, and we are working on designing a combination cat tree – scratching post whose base will cradle her litter box. Everything in an RV has to be multi-purpose since space is at a premium. We use Soft Paws claw covers and Sticky Paws double-sided tape to discourage her from scratching fabrics or at least from doing any damage.
    I think I mentioned before that her adoption papers called her a non vocal cat. Nothing could be further from the truth! She chirps and mews in a sweet little voice all the time. I guess she has more to talk about now. Thanks again to everyone at Kitty City for taking such good care of her for us.

    1. I was Boo Bear’s foster mom when she had her last litter of kittens; I am so glad to see this up-date. She was a very loving girl while she was with us and it sounds like you are a perfect family now too. Thank you for posting.

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