Welcome to our adoptable Cats and Kittens page. Their are several ways to adopt from Kitty City NM:

  1. Visit our  3200 sq ft adoption center at 56 Danley Ranch Rd. The cattery is open from 8am-12pm M-Sat.  and afternoons by appointment.
  2. You can adopt any cat or kitten listed on our website in the iframe below by clicking on the photo of the cat you want to adopt. 
  3. We partner with Petsense in Alamogordo, NM, and they allow Kitty City NM to showcase our cats in their store.  Petsense is open 9am-9pm M-Sat. and 11am-7pm Sundays.
  4. Twice a month on Saturdays Kitty City has an adoption event inside the White Sands Mall at the commons area. Mall adoptions are from 10am-3pm.
  5. We now offer Virtual Adoptions for those who would like to adopt a cat but are not able to have a cat live with them.


Our adoption Fees are $45 for adult cats, and $75 for kittens. Adoption prices at our adoption events is $50 per cat. All our adult cats have all been fully vetted and most of them are micro-chipped. The kittens adoption fee includes a deposit that covers the kittens vetting once the kitten is 5-6 months of age (if you schedule your kittens vetting with Kitty City NM). 





Any cat below can be virtually adopted.  These cats are our more permanent residents of our sanctuary community.  It's their only chance for a forever home is through virtual adoption. If you would like to virtually adopt one of the cats below please contact us here at kitty city or click on the PayPal link below. The cost to virtually adopt is $10 per month or $110 per year.




Click the Paypal Donate button to do you virtual adoption, please leave your information, and the cats name that you would like to adopt in the information box at Paypal!

Use this button for one time adoption donation ($120)
Use this button for monthly donation for your virtual adoption ($10 monthly)

Astro is our first Virtually adopted Kitty! We are so excited to get the virtual adoptions going.  Astro now has someone that is caring for him.