This is a plea from the foster mom of Li’l John and Stanley

Li’l John was found in a garden shed under a garden hose. He was about 4 weeks old and was a very frightened little guy. He still has major issues with sudden movements and loud noises. Something frightened him so badly that it is imprinted on him. It is heartbreaking to witness.

Li’l John is a long-haired orange tabby. He is the largest kitten I have ever fostered. He is not a hold-me kitty, but he is more than happy to lie beside you. Except for his fear issues, he is a very laid-back boy. The best way to deal with Li’l John when he has been frightened is to just sit beside him and speak to him in quiet tones. It would not be wise to grab him. Li’l John’s favorite treat is Friskies Party Mix. Just shake the bag and he will come running.

Li’l John would do well in a quiet home. Once you gain his trust, he will do just fine. He is a very sweet boy.

Stanley was left under a carport. His mother took his three litter mates and left him behind. I got him when he was about 8 hours old. Stanley is white with gray markings and the smallest kitten I have ever fostered. He is active and very curious about everything. He does like being held.

There is a 4-week age difference between Li’l John and Stanley. This “Mutt-and-Jeff” duo have formed a very strong bond. Li’l John taught Stanley to eat solid food as Stanley was having difficulty weaning. Stanley’s inquisitive nature is showing Li’l John that not everything is scary.

If there is someone out there who would adopt these two kitties together, that would be great! If you can’t adopt them together, that’s understandable.

These boys deserve a loving, forever home. Is yours that home?

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